Contact - financial sector

Clients of the Large Taxpayers Office

  • as a rule, contact us through the corporation's assigned single point of contact
  • by email konserniverokeskus(a)

Other clients

  • Contact us
    • e-services, service numbers, chat, office appointments

International exchange of information (FATCA, CRS and DAC2)

  • fatca(a)

Legislative change and nominee-registered shares

  • financialsector(a)

Refunds of withholding tax on dividends (foreign corporate clients):

  • whtreclaims(a)

Insurance premium taxation

  • vakuutusmaksuvero(a)

Private equity funds and real estate funds

Questions and contact requests related to the income taxation and tax return filings of Finnish limited partnerships acting as private equity or real estate funds can be sent to:

  • paaomarahastoyhtymat(a)

Please note that these email addresses are primarily meant for general guidance, and not e.g. for submitting applications.