How does MyTax show your Incomes Register data?

When you have sent reports to the Incomes Register, the total amounts of wages and contributions are added together by the Tax Administration on the sixth day of the month after the tax period (or the next business day). You can view the amounts in MyTax on the next business day when the IT system has generated its monthly totals.

  • This way, if the 6th of a month falls on a Saturday, the IT system generates the totals of wages, amounts withheld, and employer's contributions on Monday the 8th. MyTax will then show the totals on Tuesday the 9th.

If you log in to MyTax, you cannot browse through your filed earnings payment reports wages one by one. This is because the IT system adds all the amounts and taxes together as appropriate, generating the relevant totals for each tax period.

However, you can view the total health insurance contributions in MyTax. This is the value you have reported to the Incomes Register on your separate report. In addition to the Incomes Register, also the Tax Administration performs calculations on paid-out wages subject to the employer’s health insurance contribution, arriving at the required amount of contributions owed by the employer.

Illustration: Your tax period is the calendar year. In January 2019, a worker on your payroll did some work. However, you pay him wages in February for the work he did in January. The payday is 6 February 2019. The report from you to the Incomes Register must contain:

  • Amounts of wages paid, and the amount withheld on that payment – the deadline is 5 days after payday i.e. 11 February 2019.
  • To give details on health insurance contributions to the Incomes Register, complete a separate report. In this case, you must file the employer’s separate report for February and it must contain the health insurance contribution for the above payment of wages to your worker. The deadline is the 5th day of the next calendar month: in this case, 5 March 2019.

The amount withheld, and the employer’s health insurance contribution, will both become visible in MyTax as relating to your February tax period. This is because you paid your worker in February. Pay the withholding and health insurance to the Tax Administration by 12 March 2019.

Even if a regular employer paid out no wages at all in January 2019 – all the pay was paid in February instead – the employer must still submit the separate report for January. In this case, enter “No wage payments” in the employer’s separate report for January. The deadline is 5 February 2019.

There is a delay before your corrections are shown in MyTax

If you make corrections to your previously filed reporting to the Incomes Register, you should not expect that MyTax would show your corrections as soon as you have sent them. Instead:

  • Making corrections to earnings payment reports or employer’s separate reports – already totalled by the Incomes Register: your corrections show in MyTax in a few days.
  • If controversial information was entered for the particular tax period that you make corrections to, your corrections show in MyTax when the problems have been cleared up.

You must pay your employer's contributions in accordance with what you have reported. Do this even if you do not yet see the amounts in MyTax on the due dates of the payments. This way, you can avoid having to pay charges for late payment. If you pay a lower amount than what is displayed in MyTax, you must pay late-payment interest on the part that you left unpaid or on the part you will pay later.

Frequently asked questions

If you paid trade income to a limited liability company or another corporation and withheld tax, the MyTax account where it is displayed is different from the account where you can see the wages you have paid out. If you compare the information you have reported to the Incomes Register with the amount indicated at “Employer’s earnings payment data” in MyTax, the withheld amounts may be different because not all your taxes are shown in the same account.

View the information you have reported to the Incomes Register in MyTax as follows:

  • The withholding on your trade income payments to corporations is shown at “Withholding from corporation’s trade income and compensation for use”.
  • The wages and employer's contributions you have paid are shown at “Employer’s earnings payment data”.