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If you need to make corrections, do it via the Incomes Register

If you notice an error in the payroll information that you have submitted to the Incomes Register, you must make corrections in the Incomes Register as well. Corrections cannot be dealt with in MyTax. You can make corrections in MyTax only if you have paid wages or other earned income before 1 January 2019. In this case, you would have submitted your original payroll report to the Tax Administration, not to the Incomes Register.

Whenever you notice an error, please make the necessary corrections as soon as possible. Responsibility for correcting any errors lies with you, i.e. the employer or payor.

You can make corrections to submitted data for as long as it is retained in the Incomes Register. The incomes information system stores your data for 10 years, starting from the beginning of the year after the year when the data was first saved.

Income earners who notice errors in their information must ask their employer (or other payor) to correct them.

How can I make corrections?

The way to make corrections is to submit a new report to the Incomes Register that replaces your original report. In other words, you must provide a replacement report in order to enter the changes and corrections, and also re-submit the information that was correct in the original report.

Any incorrectly entered information on the report, whether mandatory or complementary, must be corrected. Information missing from the original report must be included in the replacement report.

Example: You notice an error that causes the income data on your previously submitted earnings payment report to change. The error also affects the amount of the employer’s health insurance contribution. You must make the necessary corrections to the earnings payment report and also file a replacement for your previously submitted employer's separate report, containing a new, corrected amount of the health insurance contribution.

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