Real estate taxes in 2020

In 2019

You will receive a letter containing your real estate tax decision and bank forms in spring. If all the information is correct, you will not have to do anything.

If you need to make corrections or add new information, you can do this on the Real Estate Details Online e-service, open 7 March – 25 April 2019. Real estate information is not yet available in MyTax.

Pay the tax in the autumn

The 2019 due dates for real estate tax are 3 September and 15 October.

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In 2020

Your real estate tax decision will contain the same information as before. However, its design will have changed, and corrections to the return must be made in a different way.

If all the information is correct, you will not have to do anything. In other words, the process will work in the same way as before.

Corrections and additions to be made in MyTax

The current e-service, Real Estate Online, will be withdrawn. Instead, you will be able to make corrections and additions to your real estate information in MyTax.

If the property owner is a corporate entity and if there is something to be corrected or added, electronic filing will be required. You can file the return in MyTax in the future. Corporate entities will no longer be able to file real estate details by filling out a paper form in spring 2020.

If the property owner is an individual taxpayer, the paper form will continue to be available, but please note that there is a new procedure for reporting changes:

  • There is a special form to complete for making corrections (the real estate tax return form). The real estate tax decision that you receive in your home will no longer contain a blank section where you could correct and add something.

The due dates for real estate tax will change in 2020

  • Different taxpayers will have different due dates for their real estate taxes. The first instalment will fall due on the first day of the second month after the month when the Tax Administration has completed the assessment of real estate tax.
  • The second instalment will fall due at the beginning of the fourth month after the end of assessment.
  • The due dates and instructions for payment are provided in your tax decision and in MyTax.  You can pay real estate tax in MyTax.

Make your changes in time

The corrections you have made to your real estate information in MyTax or on paper forms must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date stated in your return. Otherwise, you may have to pay a late-filing penalty.