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New features to MyTax in November

Following the tax system upgrade, on 21 November, improvements and new functionalities are also introduced into MyTax.

You can renew your payment arrangement in MyTax

If your payment arrangement lapses, you can renew it yourself in MyTax. You can renew your payment arrangement within 10 days after it has lapsed, provided that you remedy the negligence related to the payment arrangement within that period.

MyTax will show you more detailed information about the payment arrangement in the future. For example, you will see the real-time status of your payment arrangement, and a list of payments and items offset to cover taxes included in your payment arrangement. This will make it easier for you to compare the details with your payment schedule.

In addition, if your payment arrangement lapses, MyTax will show you

  • a list of current obstacles to the payment arrangement
  • the reason why the payment arrangement lapsed
  • the amount you must pay before you can renew the payment arrangement.

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Improvements to the tax summary

The improvements to the tax summary include changes to the layout and content.

The content of the summary is re-organised: the reference and account numbers needed and the tax to be paid, including interest, can now be found at the beginning of the summary.

The tables included in the summary are also improved:

  • The “Specification of taxes” table dispayed to corporate taxpayers shows the overdue amount of tax with interest on the date of summary and calculated up to the 22nd of the next month.
  • The “Information on how your payments and refunds are used” table shows the use of the previous months’ taxes and refunds in greater detail.
  • A new “Decisions” section is introduced into the summary. In this section, the late-filing penalties are listed. In other words, decisions on late-filing penalties are no longer listed below the “Taxes falling due next” table.

You will see the changes for the first time in January’s tax summary – not yet in November.

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You can identify yourself to the telephone service via MyTax

If you want, you can identify yourself via MyTax to take care of your tax matters in the Tax Administration’s telephone service. You can still call the telephone service without identifying yourself. However, if you identify yourself in advance, the official will see your data immediately, which speeds up the service. If you take care of matters on behalf of another taxpayer – for example, if you are an accountant managing a company’s taxes – you can identify yourself when you make the call. Your authorisation to act on behalf of the company will be checked separately.

You can request a code in MyTax to identify yourself to our telephone service when you are on queue. Please note that if you leave a call-back request, the identification will no longer be valid when the official calls you back because it is no longer the same call.

In MyTax, individual taxpayers will also have an opportunity to set a restriction concerning the use of the telephone service. In practice, this means that the taxpayer or a party authorised by the taxpayer must identify themselves to the telephone service via MyTax every time they call the Tax Administration in matters related to the taxpayer’s taxes.

The functionality will be introduced into MyTax on 21 November 2022.

Business and corporate taxpayers: changes to online payments in MyTax as of 21 November 2022

In connection with the system upgrade in November, a new interface for online payments is introduced in MyTax. The new PSD2 interface will particularly affect the MyTax online payments of business and corporate taxpayers who use OP Corporate User IDs.

In future, those who use OP Corporate User IDs will need an authorisation from their bank for online payments in MyTax. The authorisation needs to be granted only once and it applies to all payment services that use the PSD2 interface for online payments. If you have already granted the authorisation earlier, you do not need to do anything; you can continue paying taxes in MyTax as usual.

You can grant the authorisation by contacting OP’s customer service either by telephone or by a message at For instructions on how to grant the authorisation, see the OP website.

If the authorisation has not been granted and you cannot pay taxes in MyTax, look up the payment details in MyTax or on the tax decision and pay the taxes in your online bank. Once the authorisation has been granted, you can continue paying taxes in MyTax.

Changes concerning business and corporate customers of other banks

  • Users of Nordea Business online bank: There is a new B2B payment button at the payment stage. Please note that the users of Nordea Corporate Netbank cannot pay taxes as online payments in MyTax.
  • Aktia, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki and Danske Bank: No changes.
  • Other banks: If you cannot pay taxes as online payments in MyTax, please contact your bank. You can still pay taxes in your online bank as a bank transfer. The payment details can be found in MyTax or on the tax decision.
Page last updated 11/21/2022