Updated version of MyTax – new features, new look and feel

News, 11/22/2021

MyTax has had a number of improvements. There are new, user-friendly features and a new look. The new MyTax is the result of a development effort based on received feedback from taxpayers and on a testing program. Attention has also been given to accessibility.

MyTax home page shows an entire perspective

After you log in to MyTax, a number of tax matters that concern you appear immediately, including

  • Tax payable
  • Tax returns that you must complete and send soon
  • Current percentage of withholding (your tax card), and
  • The “ceiling” amount of income (your tax card)

Next spring, you will be able to access the pre-completed tax return, and the MyTax request form for a new tax card, directly from the home page.  

You can log in to MyTax through your smartphone ask for a new tax card faster than before

MyTax now has a scalable screen layout that accommodates many different displays. This means that users of smartphones, tablets, laptops can be more comfortable with MyTax.

Smartphone users of MyTax are invited to try out the shorter version of the tax-card request form. The new, faster version is for card requests 

  • For wage earners 
  • For those who are paid benefits including unemployment relief 
  • For students receiving study-grant income 
  • For commuters who can get a tax deduction for commuting expenses 
  • For members of trade unions who can get a deduction for membership dues

However, those who prefer to do so, can still log in to MyTax to complete the tax card request in the traditional way. Users can toggle between the short and the traditional versions. After you’ve typed in any information, you can save it immediately and come back to finish your work later. 

New events on the Tasks tab

MyTax tabs and the names of the tabs have a few changes. 

The Tasks tab is completely new. Tasks shows users the tax affairs that they must take care of. There is a red highlighted number to indicate how many unfinished tasks are listed.

For example, when you receive new decisions and letters, a tax return or a request to report a bank account number, you will be notified of them on the Tasks tab.

The filing process has two stages

The structure of tax returns and applications is changed: the process will always have at least two stages. The final stage is Preview and send. This means that you can always check a summary of the information you have reported before submittal.

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