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The Register of Authorised Intermediaries is now in operation

News, 1/11/2021

The Register of Authorised Intermediaries started operating on 1 January 2021. It is a public register. A corporation that operates custodial activities may submit an application for entry in the Register of Authorised Intermediaries. Examples of intermediaries include credit institutions, investment service companies and central securities depositories.

The Register of Authorised Intermediaries is part of an amendment of the act on the taxation of nonresidents' income (Laki rajoitetusti verovelvollisen tulon verottamisesta 627/1978), which changes the taxation procedure applied to dividends paid on nominee-registered shares as from 1 January 2021. Applications for registration have been accepted since July 2020, and several operators were entered in the register during the autumn. New applications for registration keep arriving, and the register information is constantly updated as new Authorised Intermediaries are entered in the register.

Check the Authorised Intermediaries on Register of Authorised Intermediaries –

Further information:

Register of Authorised Intermediaries,
Applications for registration as an Authorised Intermediary can now be submitted, news 1 July 2020.