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New features for corporate taxpayers in MyTax

News, 11/22/2021

The new version of MyTax is released. MyTax has a new look and feel, including a number of user-friendly features. It works better than before with mobile devices.

The current upgraded version is the result of a development effort based on received feedback from taxpayers and on a testing program.

MyTax home page shows an entire perspective

After you log in, your company’s (other corporate entity’s, organisation’s or client’s) tax information appears in a new way:

  • The taxes falling due
  • Tax returns of various types that you must submit soon
  • Other tasks to attend to

The home page is also a springboard, allowing you direct access to specific details and functionalities.

See the new layout of tabs

There are some changes in the tab names and the way they work.

Tasks tab is completely new. Users can open this tab to see the matters that must be taken care of. The Tasks tab also has a red highlighted number to indicate how many separate matters are listed. For example, when you receive new decisions and letters, a tax return or a request to report a bank account number, you will be notified of them on the Tasks tab.

Favourites is a new tab where accounting firms and others can add the client companies whose taxes they manage frequently.

The tab was designed with accounting firms, independent accountants, lawyers in mind. It makes it faster to open the “favourite” client’s information saved in MyTax.

The Favourites tab also accepts different categories of taxes as “favourites”, which is a feature offered to businesses with 5 or more different taxes appearing on their MyTax home page.

The filing process has two stages

The structure of tax returns and applications has changed: the process will always have at least two stages. The final stage is always Preview and send. This means that you can always check a summary of the information you have reported before submittal.

Select the notifications you receive e-mail for

If you are authorised to manage a client company's (or your employer’s) tax affairs in MyTax, you can order e-mail notifications about the company’s MyTax events. In other words, you get an e-mail message every time the company has a new decision or message or an overdue payment in MyTax.

You have the option to choose or reject the e-mails, depending on:

  • Whether you want notifications about the tax matters of some or all of your clients
  • Whether you prefer to be notified of all tax-related subjects – or to restrict notifications to payments, certain taxes, etc. only

Submit/check your company’s web invoice address

A yet another new feature allows companies to report their web invoice address in MyTax. You can check whether the address is right. Alternatively, you can send the address through a new API interface. After the address has been stored in MyTax, your company can receive web invoices for real estate tax and for corporate income tax.

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