Foreign companies – how to use e-services for tax matters after August

News, 6/22/2021

Starting 1 September, a foreign company’s representative needs the Finnish Authenticator mobile app – a foreign user’s identification token – and a authorisation. If the representative has a strong Finnish personal identifier, such as e-bank codes, they only have to get a authorisation.

The Katso ID and Katso authorisations can no longer be used in September.

Allow time for getting an identification token and an authorisation

Getting the Finnish Authenticator app and a authorisation proceeds in stages:

  1. A foreign company’s representative – such as the CEO – registers a foreign user’s identifier (UID) for themselves and starts using the Finnish Authenticator mobile app.
  2. They submit an authorisation application in the e-service, print out the application and send it with necessary enclosures by post. After the application has been processed and the company’s representative has an authorisation, they have the right to grant authorisations for the use of e-services in tax matters.
  3. The foreign company’s representative uses the Finnish Authenticator app to identify themselves for the e-authorisation service, where they can then grant the necessary authorisations either to themselves or to another party, such as an accounting firm, to act on the company’s behalf.
  4. The party that has been granted an authorisation to act on the foreign company’s behalf can log in to MyTax or the Incomes Register to manage the company’s tax matters.

At present, foreign individuals cannot use Finnish e-services for their tax matters, nor can they authorise another person or company to do it on their behalf.

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