is one of Finland’s Top 10 online brands

News, 9/23/2020

According to the results of a recent survey, is now among the ten most well-liked Finnish online brands. As previously, Yle Areena was the survey’s winner again this year, maintaining its position as the most respected web brand.

The survey covered 150 of the most well-known web brands both from Finland and other countries.

– After learning about the results that place among the most notable brands, we are satisfied and very pleased. It was a survey that looked into many high-level online brands. The positive results encourage us to continue our work, improving our taxpayer-oriented approach and services on the web, says Katri Riekkinen, Communications Manager.

A highly popular website

With 32.5 million visits to in 2019, the website is among the most frequently used government sites. has an important role as a provider of taxpayer services both for individual and corporate taxpayers. Some 300,000 visits per day are normally recorded during the season when Finnish taxpayers file their income tax returns for the year. not only contains forms for taxpayers and links to the Tax Administration’s e-services, but there are also many pages with background information, instructions and answers to various tax questions.

– The growth in visits to is at least partly explained by the increasing popularity of electronic filing of tax returns. The MyTax e-service has a number of direct links to the website. The number of visits to the sub-site stands at 17 million per year. This is an extremely high quantity of site visits.

More and more users access on their mobile device rather than a computer. In 2019, the percentage of mobile phone users rose to 35% from 28% in 2018.

– Because we operate in a large scale, it is important to have a continued focus on further improvement. We must maintain our ability to guide visitors to navigate to the exact tax-related content they need. To achieve this objective, we must base our development work on the latest data.