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News for software developers – 1/2020

News, 1/30/2020

The Ilmoitin website was updated 28 January 2020

The following updates were made

  • Ilmoitin now accepts income tax returns for corporate taxpayers, both for check runs and for submittals (Forms 4, 6, 6B, 6C and 6U), for accounting periods ending during 2020.
  • Starting 1 March 2020, it can check annual information returns for the 2020 reporting year, accepting submittals of checked and passed returns.
  • In addition, Ilmoitin now accepts the new Call off report – an attachment to the VAT EU recapitulative statement (VSRALVCO) both for checking and submittal

Information for software developers regarding this version update


  • Corporate taxpayers’ (4, 6, 6B, 6C, 6U) 2020 formats and TaMo checks as defined in the Data Format Specifications are added (the updated specifications are on the website (in Finnish))
  • We also added the 2020 formats for annual information returns and their TaMo checks, as defined in the Data Format Specifications (on the website
    • The new information flow, the annual information return on equity savings accounts (VSOSAKET), is added
  • The new (VSRALVCO) information flow for the Call off report, an attachment to the VAT EU recapitulative statement, including the TaMo checks for the new flow, as defined in the Data Format Specifications (on the website) is added 

Upcoming dates and events 

We have scheduled the next Skype meeting for Friday 7 February 2020 from 09:00 to 10:00. We will not make any calendar appointments or invitations to our “clinics”. Instead, you can find the monthly Skype meetings scheduled on Events for software developers and vendors (in Finnish). 
The shared planning event for the Tax Administration and commercial software vendors is scheduled for Friday 15 May 2020. You can see the outline for the event and sign up for it on the same page as before: “Sign up for the events” — Tilaisuudet ohjelmistokehittäjille (in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

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