Foreign workers need not visit the tax office to get tax cards

News, 5/29/2020

Because of the coronavirus situation this summer, no employees from the local tax office will be visiting agricultural farms. In previous years, tax officials have visited local farms to register any seasonal workers who have arrived in Finland for the first time. Because the current situation is exceptional, the workers can be given tax cards in a more simple way, without identification.

Instead of giving a Finnish personal identity code to every newly arrived worker, the Tax Administration will use artificial identity codes. Seasonal workers from other countries do not have to go to the tax office in person. The Tax Administration can prepare the cards for them based on the information on the application form.

This simplified process is in force until 31 August 2020.

Documents that must be enclosed with the application form

First, complete the Tax Administration’s Form 6148e – Request for progressive taxation of earned income.  You must enclose a photocopy of the worker’s passport, and if necessary, a letter of authorisation for tax representation.

Form 6148e must also be completed by those of the workers who already have a Finnish personal identity code and only need a tax card for their work in Finland during this year’s summer season. If the worker already has a Finnish personal identity code, write it on the form. Those who already have a Finnish personal identity code do not have to enclose a photocopy of their passport.

If the worker can receive the  temporary financial assistance for seasonal workers due to the epidemic outbreak from Kela, the amount of this financial assistance must be entered on the form under “Benefits”.

If you ask the Tax Administration to send the card directly to the employer, you must enclose letters of authorisation from every worker with Form 6148e, confirming that both the card and its clarification sheet (the decision on tax preassessment) can be sent to the employer.

Workers can give their authorisation by filling out the following form: Letter_of_authorisation_for_tax_representation.

Sending the completed forms to the Tax Administration

You can deliver the forms to the nearest tax office or scan them and send them by secure e-mail.

If you send them to the tax office by post, write the tax office’s P.O. Box address and the words “Kausityöntekijöiden lomakkeet” (or “seasonal worker’s application forms”) on the envelope. This will speed up the process. Check tax office addresses

If you want to scan the forms and send them by secure e-mail, please call the Tax Administration on 029 497 050 first, to receive instructions.  When you write the secure e-mail, enter “Kausityöntekijöiden lomakkeet” (or “seasonal workers’ application forms”) as message subject.

How the tax cards are delivered

If you want to have the cards sent directly to the employer, fill in both the name and the address in the “Employer’s or payor’s name” field on the application form.

If the employer prefers to visit the tax office to collect the cards, enclose a cover letter with the completed application forms. In the cover letter, give the employer’s telephone number and state that the cards will be collected. After the cards have been processed, the tax clerk will telephone the employer.