Corona situation: You can take care of most of your tax matters in MyTax

News, 3/17/2020

You can take care of most of your tax matters in MyTax.

Individual taxpayer, in MyTax you can:

  • request a tax card and revise your tax card
  • check and supplement the information on your pre-completed tax return
  • submit a bank account number
  • check the amount of back taxes and tax refunds, check the payment details and pay the back taxes
  • file a real estate tax return
  • file a gift tax return and pay gift tax
  • take care of inheritance taxation matters
  • file and pay transfer tax
  • apply for a preliminary ruling on income tax, self-assessed taxes and gift tax
  •  make a claim for adjustment
  • respond to information requests
  • ask for advice on your tax matters

Corporate taxpayer, in MyTax you can take care of the following matters:

  • Tax prepayments – you can
    • request or change prepayments, or request an additional prepayment
    • request a change to prepayment periods.
  • Tax return, income tax – you can
    • file a tax return on corporate income
    • request extended time for filing a tax return
    • apply for an exemption for deducting losses.
  • VAT and other self-assessed taxes – you can
    • file tax returns on VAT and other self-assessed taxes
    • request written guidance on VAT
    • request a VAT refund from another EU Member State
    • file VAT Special Scheme information.
  • Mailbox – you can
    • read the Tax Administration’s letters and decisions
    • respond to information requests
    • check the summary for an itemisation of your taxes, payments and refunds for the tax period and your tax payment status at the end of the period
    • ask for advice on tax matters (Messages, Send a new message).
  • Taxes and transactions – you can
    • check the amount of taxes falling due on the MyTax home page
    • use the transaction search to search for a tax period’s transactions (Select All Activities on the home page).
  • Making payments – you can
    • check payment contact details or proceed directly to pay
    • see how your payments and refunds are used
    • request a payment arrangement.
  • Other tax matters – you can
    • file a report on construction work
    • enter a tax number in the tax number register
    • request a tax debt certificate
    • make a claim for adjustment.

Car and excise taxation

You cannot take care of car and excise taxation matters in MyTax. Read on how you can use e-services to take care of your

Instructions for using MyTax

Log in to MyTax with your personal e-banking codes, electronic ID card, mobile ID or Katso ID. Another person or company can take care of your tax matters on your behalf if you have granted them a authorisation or Katso authorisation.

For the time being, MyTax is not available to

  • foreign nationals and companies that do not have Finnish means of identification
  • estates with no Business ID.

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