Tax Administration introduces ethical principles for AI

News, 4/16/2019

The principles guide the Tax Administration in utilising artificial intelligence in responsible ways that build trust.

AI solutions are becoming more and more commonplace in all areas of society, including taxation.

– By utilising AI, we can be more efficient in our operations and offer taxpayers better service, says Mikko Laakso, director of AI development at the Tax Administration.

However, AI brings with it new kinds of ethical questions regarding the transparency of decision-making and the quality of the data used.

– It may be that the biggest challenges that AI poses are not technological but ethical. Even if a solution is technologically possible and perhaps even the most efficient option, is it necessarily ethical? To answer questions like this, we have compiled a list of ethical principles for the use of AI at the Tax Administration, Laakso says.

These principles will be used in all future development of AI solutions as well as their application into practice.

– If some component of an AI solution under development does not comply with these principles, we have to return to the drawing board. For example, our data and taxpayers’ data security must never compromised, Laakso says.

Read the principles: Finnish Tax Administration’s ethical principles for AI