Postal strike causes delays in the delivery of tax mail – this is a good time to use MyTax

News, 11/12/2019

The ongoing strike at Posti delays the deliveries of the Tax Administration’s letters to taxpayers.

The majority of tax correspondence from the Tax Administration during the strike will consist of revised tax cards, decisions on tax adjustment, requests for additional information, etc.

Use the Tax Administration’s e-file service, activate messages

Letters sent by the Tax Administration will probably arrive later than normal. For some taxpayers, this may mean that there is not enough time to send a claim for adjustment, or there is not enough time to react to a received request letter for additional information.

Check the “Instructions for appeal” enclosed with your tax decision to see the deadline for submitting a claim for adjustment or additional information. If you are going to miss a deadline because of the postal strike, explain this in your claim of adjustment or response, and state the date when you actually received the decision or letter from the Tax Administration. Please note that there may be a backlog of letters at the postal service, so that even if you had sent off your letter on time, many letters will arrive late.  We recommend that you log in to MyTax to send any claims for adjustment.

If you are about to lodge an appeal to the Administrative Court regarding a decision of the Board of Adjustment, it must be delivered within the deadline stated on the decision. If you make an appeal of this type during the strike, we recommend using the e-service of the Administrative and Special Courts.

The Tax Administration reminds taxpayers that all tax cards, tax decisions, and letters that you receive are available in MyTax without delay despite the strike. You can log in to MyTax to submit claims for adjustment, and to save and print out tax cards.

If you activate messages, you receive an e-mail message every time a new document is ready for you in MyTax. Instructions: How to activate Messages.

The Finnish Tax Administration sends some 15,000 letters every day. Approximately 60% of them are delivered by Posti.

Frequently asked questions

Make a tax card in MyTax. In MyTax you can save your tax card, print it out if you want, and deliver it to your employer. See the instructions on making a tax card here. We can also calculate a new tax card for you over the phone, and you can then print it out in MyTax. If you cannot print the card yourself, it can be printed for you at a taxpayer service point.

Regular e-mail is not encrypted and therefore not secure. Because of this, we do not receive or send any documents containing personal details by e-mail.

Submit a response as soon as possible, and state in the response when you received the request for information.

Submit your response in MyTax if possible. During the postal strike, you can also bring your response and related documents to the Tax Administration’s taxpayer service points during the office hours. If the tax office has an external mailbox, you can also drop your documents there. Please note that processing times may be longer than usual because of the strike. It may also take longer before you receive a response. If you activate messages, you will receive an e-mail message whenever there is new information for you in MyTax.

Submit the transfer tax return in MyTax. If you cannot submit it in MyTax, we recommend that you deliver the return with attachments to your local tax office. Please note that if you file or pay transfer tax late, you will have to pay late-payment charges. Read more

Deeds of inventory and their attachments can be submitted in MyTax. You can also deliver them to the Tax Administration’s taxpayer service points. Please note that the documents must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date. It is not enough that you mail them on the due date.

You can usually get information on your own matters from our taxpayer services. If personal details are covered by the Data Protection Regulation, the service agent cannot print them out. In such a case, you can make a request on your details by filling in a form on The form is available in Finnish and Swedish (link to Finnish).

Submit your declarations and returns in our e-services during the strike. If you use paper forms, take them directly to the nearest taxpayer service point.

If you have filed a car tax return electronically, you will also receive the decision electronically. If you have filed a car tax return on paper, a tax official will contact you by phone as the processing advances.

Claims for adjustment of car tax filed on paper can be delivered directly to the Tax Administration’s taxpayer service points.

Paper applications and declarations relating to car tax can be delivered to the Tax Administration’s taxpayer service points.