News for software developers – 2/2019

News, 4/2/2019

The Ilmoitin website was updated 26 March 2019

To find a description of the update, go to read the news update on

The following updates were made

  • Specifications of data formats and the checking routines of the TaMo application were updated for Form 6B, Form 7A, Form 7M, Form 6U, Form 81 and the VSYENN information flow. The changes for all of the above were delayed in January, and the previous Ilmoitin update did not cover them. Another form to be updated in March is the 77 enclosure, only to be used with Form 6B and Form 6U. 
  • After the update, you can use to check and submit all of the above returns. 
  • In addition, you will be able to browse them later in the Archive feature – submitted returns can be viewed on e-forms.
  • When the 26 March update is complete, we will also upload the Access and Excel versions of the data formats. You can find them on the Developers page of 
  • We have now finished updating the 2019 VSLAINAE and VSVMAKSE annual information returns. The previous Ilmoitin update in January did not cover them. You can use the checking routine in order to check and finalize them. 
  • A message has been added to the VSRALVKV, VRSTASKV and VSRMUUKV information flows (self-assessed taxes) that activates if the Software-generated timestamp (198) is more than 31 days away, either in the future or in the past. The count of days does not include weekends. As a result of the update, the system displays a message for the user if the timestamp is too old or too far away in the future.

The VSALVTAR information flow has a new permissible value

The information flow that checks taxpayers’ VAT liability now contains a new permissible value: 89 Payment of fees to performing artists. This is part of the answer file: position 21-22 (type of period/role). For more information, see section 6 of “VSALVTAR specification of the required data format”. Answer files will contain this data element starting 1 April 2019.

Upcoming dates and events

The next Lync session

The software developers’ sessions on the Lync are arranged as before.
The date is the first Friday of the month at 09:00 to 10:00.

The third Lync session in 2019 will be organised on 5 April 2019.
If you have any comments and questions, you are more than welcome to send them in advance to and include the word “Klinikka” in your message Subject.

We do not send invitations to the sessions, instead, you can simply click the link on to join it. Welcome to join any of the sessions!

Preliminary information about our event for software developers and vendors

We plan to organise an event for commercial software vendors on 23 May 2019. It will be arranged at the Tax Administration’s offices in Vallila, Helsinki.
However, online participation via Skype is provided for.

Information on time schedules

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