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News, 2/14/2019

The date of the first version update for is January 29.

To find a description of the update, see the news update on

The following updates are made in January

  • The 2019 specifications of data formats for Corporate Income Tax Returns are released for posting on the Web, including their TaMo check routines, and will now allow the checks to be made. However, not yet updated are Form 6B, Form 7A, Form 7M, Form 6U and Form 81 that will be released in March. Another form to be updated in March is the 77 enclosure, only to be used with Form 6B and Form 6U.
  • Data File Specifications and TaMo check routines for 2019 are released, with the exception of Annual Information Return on Loans and Interest Payments on Loans (VSLAINAE) and “Insurance Indemnities Paid to Businesses and Farmers” (Elinkeinon- ja maatalouden harjoittajille maksetut vakuutussuoritukset (Vsvmakse)) that are not available until March. 
  • The check routine of TaMo now has a correction, making account numbers (Business Tax Act) acceptable that have previously been rejected by TaMo. 
  • The request file and response file for VAT on imports (VSTULLER) is now available again. The request file now has 4 additional fields. To find the Excel worksheet template for the request file, go to and select Instructions and templates.
  • The VSAPURAE, VSPAOPAL, VSOSLAIE and VSLAHVAH annual information returns, for which those who log in with Katso automatically find the filer’s name displayed in, now have a feature that abbreviates the name shown on the form. It should be noted that the filer is not allowed to change the name shown.
  • Changes to Form 70, Form 78 and Form 81, enclosures to the 2018 income tax return. 
  • The “Application for recalculation for tax prepayments” (VSYENN18) now contains a new message: Please not that if you ask for an additional prepayment, you are unable to pay in any amount independently as your prepayment until the Tax Administration has issued a decision in response to your request. Decisions are displayed in MyTax. 
  • will soon have a form designed for those EU citizens who wish to log in to our e-services, using their notified eIDs under the eIDAS identification system. Our e-services will implement eIDAS login routines in a series of different stages. The form offered on is a temporary arrangement, in force until the end of 2019. 

Note: We will update the “e-Filing of information returns, general description” guidance in February.

The main Income Tax Return forms (6, 6B, 6U, 4 and 2, 2C, 5 and 6A) have a set of shared enclosures for 2018. They still contain the 020 data element (Taxpayer’s name) that must be populated when filling in an enclosure. Nevertheless, this data element is withdrawn from the 2018 versions of Form 2, Form 2C, Form 5 and Form 6A. It continues to be present on the corporate tax returns (Form 6, Form 6B, Form 6U and Form 4) in 2018, and is to be withdrawn in 2019. Due to the fact that replacement returns may be used for the 2018 tax year with Form 6, Form 6B, Form 6U and Form 4, the 2018 must still have the 020 data element included.

The next Skype session

The software developers’ sessions on the Lync are arranged as before. The date is the first Friday of the month at 09:00 to 10:00.
The second session for software developers was held 1 February 2019, and the third session will be held on 1 March 2019.
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