Five million Finnish residents will soon receive their pre-completed tax returns – the tax return has changed

News, 3/25/2019

We have now started posting the pre-completed tax returns. The tax returns are sent in random order by the end of April. The tax return has changed: it is no longer a form to be filled in but a print-out of your tax details. The tax return is also available in the MyTax e-service, where you can easily add details.

The most important thing is to check that the details of the pre-completed tax return are correct and that no information is missing. If all the information is correct, you do not have to do anything.

If you want to add details to your tax return, the due date for doing so is 7 May, 14 May or 21 May 2019. You can check your due date on the tax return or in MyTax (

Make additions to your tax return in MyTax

You can now file your tax return in MyTax ( for the first time. The Tax Administration recommends that you make additions, if any, online.

– Using the e-service saves time, money and natural resources. In MyTax, you can take care of your tax matters whenever you want. Not surprisingly, the taxpayers use our e-services more and more every year. “The transfer to e-services helps to cut costs: the Tax Administration’s paper letters alone cost at least ten million euros annually,” says Nilla Hietamäki, Communications Manager at the Finnish Tax Administration.

Filing on paper is also possible

You can still make additions to your tax return on paper, but the way of submitting corrections has changed. You do not write your corrections in the pre-completed tax return any more: you must file them on separate forms mentioned in the tax return. You can print out the forms at You can also request the forms and a return envelope by calling us on 029 497 030 or get them from a tax office.

The forms must arrive at the Tax Administration by the due date printed on the tax return. So get the forms in good time, and also make sure you reserve enough time for postal delivery.

More detailed instructions

Most tax refund dates and due dates for back taxes are in August

The tax refund dates and the due dates for back taxes are no longer the same for all taxpayers. Most taxpayers’ payment dates will be earlier than before.

The majority of taxpayers receive their tax refunds on their bank accounts as early as 6 August 2019, provided that they have given the Tax Administration their bank account numbers. For most taxpayers, the first due date for back taxes is 1 August 2019. You can check your tax refund date or due date for back taxes in the tax decision or in MyTax.

The dates may be postponed if your or your spouse’s tax return changes. In that case, the new dates are indicated in the new tax decision, which is sent when the tax returns have been processed. If no changes are made, the dates remain unchanged.

Last year less than one in three made additions to their tax returns

Around 1.45 million individual taxpayers in Finland added details to their tax returns last year. In other words, most people did not make any changes, as the information on the pre-completed tax return was correct.

“The most typical details added include various deductions, such as commuting expenses and tax credit for household expenses,” says Nilla Hietamäki.

Around 60% of the people who made additions to their tax returns last spring did so online.

See what the new pre-completed tax return looks like