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News, 10/19/2018

Limited service during the service break of 30 Oct. to 8 Nov. 2018

In spite of limited service, filing material and enquiry requests can be submitted through the service. The material is transmitted to the Tax Administration with a delay, so tax officers will not have access to the filings until after the break.

However, the receipt of enquiry requests is not affected. The enquiry requests are received and transmitted to the Tax Administration, but enquiry results will not be run until after the break.

  • Answers to VSENPERE, VSALVTAR, VSGVIITE and VSTULLER requests that arrive before the service break, i.e. by 31 October, and to VERONUME and VEROKYSE requests that arrive by 1 November, 4 pm, will be transmitted by 2 November, 11 pm.
  • Answers to requests that arrive after the due dates (i.e. after 31 October and 1 November, 4 pm) will be transmitted after the service break, i.e. starting of 8 November, 9 am.

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Change to the schedule of retrievals

Retrieval schedules of VERONUME and VEROKYSE data will change permanently. Up until now, if you have uploaded material to the service by 4.45 pm, you have received an answer during the same day.
The retrieval will be brought forward by 1 hour. In other words, if you want the Tax Administration to answer you on the same day, you must upload your request file to the service by 3.45 pm. Answers to enquiry requests uploaded to the service after 3.45 pm will not be transmitted until the next morning.


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