We recommend taking care of your taxes soon — MyTax will be offline from Thursday

Tax Administration Bulletin, 11/16/2021

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An upcoming system upgrade causes MyTax to be offline from Thursday 18 November 3.30 pm to Monday 22 November 12 noon. Users cannot log in to handle any tax affairs. The Tax Administration would like to recommend that you take care of any tax matters Tuesday or Wednesday if possible.

The reason for the IT downtime is a version update. Joonas Jarva, the product owner of MyTax points out that the updated MyTax will not only be easier to use but also have a new look and feel.

− We will get a more contemporary-looking MyTax. Some of its features will be improved as their logical sequences have been redesigned. When taxpayers open the home page, they will see a more extensive view of their current taxes than before, says Joonas Jarva.

MyTax views become better adapted to smartphones; a faster way to ask for a tax card is introduced

The new version works better than the previous one with all mobile devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

A user-friendly program feature in MyTax allows individual taxpayers to submit a request for a revised tax card in a more simple way. According to Joonas Jarva:

− The shorter request for the card only asks you to fill in the most common income and deduction items. For employees who earn regular wage income, the process is fast and simple.

− At present, there is a tax-card request form which we will keep available in MyTax for those who prefer the traditional request form.

On Friday, taxpayer services are limited to general guidance only − If you have taxes to attend to, take care of them as soon as you can

Unfortunately, not all of the Tax Administration’s services can be offered when MyTax is offline. Because a wide range of IT resources besides MyTax will undergo an update, our employees at taxpayer service desks cannot see any specific data on taxes and payments. For example, you cannot receive a new tax card or ask for bank reference numbers for sending payments.

Our telephone service on Friday the 19th is operational, but the service numbers can only offer general guidance on taxes. Visit tax.fi to see the phone numbers that continue to accept calls.

Local tax offices maintain their normal opening hours on Friday − however, you can only drop off documents or submit applications.

All taxpayer services will resume normal operation on Monday 22 November.

MyTax on a tablet.

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