86% of tax filers made additions to their tax returns in MyTax – middle-aged taxpayers were particularly keen

Tax Administration Bulletin, 6/23/2021

Online filing continued to gain in popularity this spring: 86% of those who added information to their tax returns did so via MyTax. A total of 1.4 million individuals made additions to their tax returns. As a thank you, the Tax Administration invites all Finnish people for an Epic Tax Party, which takes place on YouTube on Thursday 24 June at 7 pm. The party is part of a social media campaign provided by the Tax Administration for the Unit for Public Diplomacy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In spring 2020, 83% of tax filers made changes in MyTax. The biggest digital leap in online filing took place in spring 2019, when taxpayers could make additions in MyTax for the first time. In that year, 81% of filers making changes used MyTax. Before MyTax, only 61% submitted additions electronically.

“Our statistics show that MyTax is the number one filing channel for taxpayers aged under 69. As for taxpayers over 69, as many as 56% of them used MyTax this spring. 85% of the users say they are satisfied with their MyTax user experience,” says Joonas Jarva, Product Owner of MyTax.

The number of people filing on paper is decreasing steadily.

This year the filing deadlines for wage earners and pensioners making changes to their tax returns were 4 May, 11 May and 18 May – three Tuesdays in May. Self-employed people with a business name, agricultural and forestry operators and their spouses were expected to file additions by 1 April.

Every fourth individual made additions to their pre-completed tax return

In February–April, the Tax Administration sent a pre-completed tax return to 4.9 million individual taxpayers. Like before, most of them did not have any changes to make. However, every fourth individual, i.e. 1.4 million people, made additions to their pre-completed tax return.

“During the filing period, taxpayers were particularly interested in tax deductions related to the corona year, i.e. how e-work affects the right to deduct commuting expenses and expenses for the production of income, and how you can deduct expenses for face masks. Deductions related to the corona year also slightly raised the number of people filing additions as compared with last year,” says Sami Varonen, Head Tax Advisor at the Tax Administration.

Most additions were made by middle-aged taxpayers. Approximately 300,000 taxpayers aged between 36 and 45 and approximately 300,000 taxpayers between 46 and 55 added details to their pre-completed tax returns. In proportion to the size of age group, taxpayers aged 46–55 were the most active in filing additions. 42% of them made additions to their pre-completed tax returns.

The above figures are based on the Tax Administration’s current information. We will have the final figures when the tax assessment of all individual taxpayers is completed, i.e. by the end of October.

A social media campaign provided for the Unit for Public Diplomacy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: the Tax Administration’s thank you party for the world’s most epic taxpayers on YouTube on Thursday 24 June at 7 pm

On Thursday 24 June, the Tax Administration organises a thank you party for the world’s most epic taxpayers, who once again managed their tax matters on time and in MyTax. The thank you party is part of June’s ThisisFINLAND social media campaign. The campaign distributes information about Finnish welfare society and its functionality. During the Midsummer week, the campaign is visible on the social media channels of the country image media ThisisFINLAND and of the Tax Administration. ThisisFINLAND coordinates around 12 different social media campaigns annually, cooperating with Finnish organisations to raise themes important to our country image. Other themes raised this year have included education and our relationship to the nature.

The thank you party includes the premiere of a tax-related piece of party music created for Finnish people: Epic Tax Party. The piece was created for the Tax Administration by Teemu Keisteri, alias Windows95Man.

The Epic Tax Party is held live on the ThisisFINLAND YouTube channel on Thursday 24 June at 7 pm.

The Tax Administration creates social media content for people’s use. During the tax return period alone, our social media posts were viewed 4.4 million times. The social media is a very cost-effective way for the Tax Administration to reach people.

“We keep providing information and entertainment. When people are entertained, they get interested in our tax content. Tax.fi provides more detailed guidance, whereas in the social media we remind people, give advice and encourage people to take care of their tax matters. The Tax Administration’s social media communications are very interactive: people ask and comment – we respond and conduct a dialogue. It is therefore natural that we also hold the thank you party in the social media,” says Nilla Hietamäki, Communications Manager at the Tax Administration.

Fact: Tax decisions arrive by the end of October; most people receive their tax refunds in August–September

  • If the taxpayer has made additions to their tax return, they will later receive a new tax decision from the Tax Administration.
  • A new tax decision is also sent if new details related to the taxpayer’s or their spouse’s taxation are received after the Tax Administration has sent them the pre-completed tax return.
  • The end date of the taxpayer’s tax assessment is stated in the tax decision. If the taxation details change before the tax assessment ends, the end date of the tax assessment, the amount of a tax refund or back taxes, and the payment dates or due dates may change.
  • The due dates of the tax refunds or back taxes are different for different taxpayers. The payment dates are stated in the final tax decision.
  • For most Finnish taxpayers, the due dates of back taxes and the payment dates of tax refunds are in August–September.
  • All tax decisions are made by the end of October. The last refund date is in December.

Further information:

You can listen to Epic Tax Party in advance (Youtube) EPIC TAX PARTY Original mix | Verohallinto, Windows95man feat. Epic Tax Guy