Paper filer: act on time! Additions to tax returns must arrive by their due date

Tax Administration Bulletin, 4/5/2019

Large, folded precompleted tax returns will be history this year. Finnish taxpayers are to receive, for the first time, an A4 printout of their tax information instead of the large pre-completed sheet. If all the information is correct, you do not need to do anything. The Finnish Tax Administration recommends that you use MyTax to make the necessary additions to your tax information. If you complete your tax return on paper, you must, in contrast to earlier years, file your additions on separate forms –you cannot send back the pre-completed tax return which you received by post. The forms must arrive at the Tax Administration by their deadline, so make make sure there is enough time for mail delivery.

Last year, 1.45 million taxpayers made additions to their pre-completed tax return, and 60 % of them did so on the web.

- Earlier, we sent a pre-completed tax return with a return envelope to 5.4 million taxpayers. Last year only 600,000 of them made corrections and additions on paper and used the return envelope. This year, we do not enclose envelopes to tax returns, because the majority of taxpayers will not need them. Anyone filing on paper can have a return envelope by asking for it, says Hilkka Pelander, Senior Adviser at the Tax Administration.

From this year on, anyone wishing to make additions may authorise their relative or a close person to carry out the additions in in MyTax. The authorisation can be made at

Please remember that the information can only be filed once: if you file information on paper, do not file it in MyTax as well.

Six steps for adding information to the tax return on paper

1. Check the pre-completed tax return to see which forms you need


The pre-completed tax return shows the information that forms the basis for your taxation. Each pre-completed field also shows what form must be used to add or correct the information. Do not write the additions on the printout. Instead, use separate forms. For example, there are separate forms for travel expenses and tax credits for household expenses.

In addition, do not use forms from earlier tax years, because all forms have been revised in November 2018. We convert all paper forms sent in by taxpayers into electronic format. This is another reason why you should use forms for the right tax year. All details to be filed have now a specific form.

2. Print out the forms at or call and order


You can print out forms to make additions to your tax return at Another way is to order the necessary forms and a return envelope by calling 029 497 0303 (in Finnish).

3. Fill in carefully, do not write over the lines of the fields


The information you enter will be read by optical character recognition. Make sure your entries stay inside each field of the form. Enter your name and personal identity code on each page of the form. Also enter the tax year that your entries concern, in this case the year 2018. Do not staple the paper forms together.

4. Do not attach receipts or vouchers


You do not need to send any receipts to the Tax Administration, but you must keep them for six years after the end of the tax year. The Tax Administration may ask you to show the receipts if necessary.

5. Check the return address for forms on the front page of the form


If you send the forms by post, use the address shown on the front page of the form. Alternatively, you can drop the forms off at a local tax office, preferably in an envelope. There is no return envelope enclosed with the pre-completed tax return. You can get it at the local tax office or from the servce number 029 497 030.

6. Make sure there is enough time for mail delivery, avoid late filing penalty


The forms must arrive at the Tax Administration on the deadline date at the latest. The deadlines this year are 7 May, 14 May and 21 May. Your own due date for additions is shown on the front page of the pre-completed tax return. If your additions are late, the Tax Administration may impose a late filing penalty of €50. The advantage of e-filing is that in MyTax you can make additions to your tax return as late as on the deadline date.


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Senior Adviser Hilkka Pelander, tel. 020 512 3369

Communications Manager Nilla Hietamäki, tel. 029 512 5292