Not sure what to do with your pre-completed tax return? Tax Administration answers frequently asked questions

Tax Administration Bulletin, 4/24/2019

The Tax Administration’s customer service answers a lot of questions about pre-completed tax returns every day. The tax return’s design and format changed this year. For the first time, taxpayers can report details in MyTax or on separate paper forms. The Tax Administration answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

My tax return says that I must pay back taxes. Can I report details that change the amount I must pay?

Yes, you can file deductions. If you had expenses last year that entitle you to tax deductions, the Tax Administration recommends that you report them in MyTax. The most common expenses that can be deducted are travel expenses, costs of services that entitle you to tax credit for household expenses, and expenses for the production of income.

Do I need to include receipts or written accounts of the expenses if I claim deductions for travel expenses, expenses for the production of income, or household expenses?

You do not need to add any additional explanations or receipts to your tax return. You only need to enter the required details in the appropriate fields either in MyTax or on the paper forms. If we need more information, we will request it separately. You must keep the receipts for any deductible expenses for six years after the end of the tax year.

When will I receive my tax refund or pay my back taxes?

This year, most individual taxpayers will receive their tax refund on 6 August. If you have to pay back taxes, the first due date for most taxpayers is 1 August. If you or your spouse make changes to your tax returns, the tax refund date and the due dates for back taxes will be postponed until later in the autumn. In that case, you will also receive a new tax decision. The decision will include your new refund date or new due dates for your back taxes along with the details for payment. At the latest, your refund date or first due date for back taxes is in December.

How much is my own liability for travel expenses or household expenses?

The personal liability threshold for commuting expenses (expenses for travel between home and work) is €750. After the threshold amount, you can deduct up to €7,000 in travel expenses. Travel expenses are deducted from the earned income you have received during the year. This deduction is therefore not taken directly from your taxes, but it reduces the amount of taxable earned income you have. You can test on whether you can deduct the travel expenses for your own car or for public transport (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

The personal liability threshold for tax credit for household expenses is €100. You are entitled to the credit if you have had household work done in your home or holiday home. Household work can be cleaning, child care, decorating and renovations, or installation of IT equipment. The maximum tax credit for household expenses is €2,400 per year. You can test on whether you are entitled to the tax credit for household expenses (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

Why should I file my tax return in MyTax?

Using electronic services saves time, money and natural resources. In MyTax, you can take care of your taxes whenever you want. Every year, more and more taxpayers start using our e-services. After all, switching to e-services saves taxpayer money, too – the Tax Administration’s paper letters alone cost at least ten million euros every year.

Fact box: Pre-completed tax returns

  • You receive your personal pre-completed tax return by the end of April. If you use the Messages e-service, you receive an e-mail notification when your tax return is available in MyTax.
  • If all the information on the tax return is correct, you do not have to do anything.
  • The pre-completed tax return you receive by post is a paper printout of your tax details. You cannot make additions to it or return it to the Tax Administration. You must file corrections in MyTax or on the paper forms indicated next to each line of the tax return. The forms are available at
  • In MyTax, you can file new details as many times as you need. Remember to click Submit every time you add something new to make sure that your details are saved. The information you have submitted previously is already visible on your tax return.

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