Corona situation: Please use our e-services or contact us by telephone or post

We highly recommend that you use our MyTax e-service that allows you to take care of almost all of your tax matters online.

For example, you can use MyTax to request a revised tax card and make additions to your pre-completed tax return. You can take care of these tax matters in MyTax has detailed instructions for how to take care of your tax matters. You can also use the Tax Administration chat to get advice on tax matters. When you use MyTax, you will also get step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Call us if you cannot use our e-services

You can call the Tax Administration’s telephone service for guidance and help with your tax matters. For example, you can request a revised tax card on the phone (029 497 050). If you want to file on paper, you can order different forms from our telephone service. The service number for form requests is 029 497 030 (limited service in English).

You can also send documents by post

You can send documents to the Tax Administration by post. Every Tax Administration form includes the address where you can send it to. You can print out the forms on or order them by calling our service number 029 497 030 (limited service in English). 

All forms sent to the Tax Administration are processed and digitised in one place. If you send them by post, they will be delivered directly to the correct address. Please do not bring your forms to a tax office – that will only slow down the processing. 

Changes in tax office opening hours

Use MyTax to take care of your taxes, call our telephone service, or file paper forms by post. Please avoid visiting our tax offices during these exceptional circumstances. When visiting the tax office, please keep safety distance and follow the official recommendation to wear a face mask. Do not come to a tax office if you are ill, have recently returned from abroad, or belong to a risk group.

There have been changes to the opening hours of tax offices due to the coronavirus situation. Read more: Tax Administration offices’ opening hours