Testing the Katso Identification System


Katso management user/developer must first have an agreement with the relevant Katso owner concerning resource use.

Prior to signing in to the management interface, the developer should have
  1. Management interface User ID and Passwords from CGI
  2. Knowledge of the necessary URL to access Management interface
  3. Fully functional connection over the web.  

To have an e-service be covered by Katso, the following information is required

  • Name of the e-service in three languages, English, Finnish, Swedish.
  • ID of the e-service (SAML agents: written in SAML Service Provider ID field)
  • Available methods of authentication (Katso OTP and/or Katso PWD)
  • Available Katso Roles to be used within the e-service.
How to start testing
  1. Katso management user/developer should first contact CGI (support.katve.fi(at)cgi.com) to  request User ID and Password to Ubilogin server management Test Identification system.
  2. Katso management user/developer delivers a list of persons who will participate in testing.  CGI will create the corresponding User IDs and domains.
  3. CGI sends e-mail to user/developer to give the User IDs and the URL.
  4. After this, access to Management interface will be open to the Katso management user/developer, and implementation of an agent in the e-service will be feasible.
  5. Katso management user/developer can then ask the Katso owner to add their own e-service in the Test domain of Katso.  Name and ID of the e-service should be submitted to the Katso owner.
  6. Katso management user/developer can now run tests of the identification and authentication process within their own e-service.