Katso Roles

Definition of 'Role'

The Role concept refers to the level of user privileges or authority, in other words, what rights does each e-service user have during a session.

Generalized Katso Roles

Katso Master User, and Katso Parallel Master User have full privileges to represent Organization in all aspects of the e-service. All user roles, both authority-defined, and e-service-defined, are included.

Katso Company Employee. This role lets its holder represent Organization, if the e-service concerned does not restrict the electronic access. If the e-service includes this role, and accepts it, access to the e-service will not be restricted by a requirement of special user authority.

Role requirements

Any Katso management user/developer should agree with their Katso service provider on the Roles that the e-service users will have upon signing in.
In case the Katso management user/developer needs some specially defined Roles, this should be communicated to the Katso service provider. After agreement, it will be the job of the Katso service provider to include the requested Roles in the e-service, and update the e-service.

Management of Authorizations is not the same thing

It is a common mistake to confuse Katso Roles with the management of system user authority. However, each participating system is expected to have an independent management of user authority, and also, additionally, a Katso Role arrangement.

Katso role naming convention, current list of roles (pdf)