Katso Identification System for IT developers

The legal basis of the online Katso Identification System is found in the law 571/2016.

Owners and providers of e-services, including public entities, wishing to start using the Katso Identification System should first obtain a license from the Katso owner (Population Register Centre). After implementation, online users of the e-service can sign in to it through Katso. Service provider is CGI Suomi Oy.

Support for developers of e-services:

  • support.katve.fi(at)cgi.com
  • tunnistustiimi@vero.fi

To start using the Katso Identification System is not possible for software developers who work with projects to create interfaces or applications for online construction reporting, where the user interface is Web Services (Api TaMo) and Ilmoitin.fi. For more information, send e-mail to tamo.tk(at)vero.fi.