Tax cards

Tax cards for 2018

If you need a revised tax cardfor 2018 now, please see the instructions for revising your tax card.

Changes to e-services in November 2018

  • The Tax Card Online e-service closes in November 2018. After this, you can request changes to tax cards or prepayment in MyTax (

Tax cards for 2019

You will receive your tax card for 2019 in December 2018.

If all the information on the card is in order, you can take the tax card into use.

Tax card for 2019 will have just one income ceiling for all wages earned in a year

  • Tax cards will no longer have different income ceilings per pay period. Instead, there will only be one overall income ceiling for the entire year.
  • If your earnings go over the income ceiling, your employer will withhold tax from your wages according to your additional rate.

One tax card for all wage income 

  • All your employers will use the same tax rate calculated for your tax card.
  • There will no longer be different tax rates for different employers or secondary income.

A copy of the tax card will be accepted

You will not be required to provide the original document for your tax card. A copy of your tax card will be enough.

  • Give the tax card to your employer if they have not received your tax rate electronically from the Tax Administration.
  • You can keep the decision document enclosed with the tax card to yourself.

Remember to monitor your income during the year

  • Monitoring how much you are earning is especially important if you have multiple employers.
  • If it looks like you will go over your income ceiling or there will be changes to your deductions, order a revised tax card in MyTax or by calling us.
  • If you have multiple employers, remember to give your revised tax card to all of them.

Order a new tax card in MyTax

  • Visit MyTax at 
    • Sign in with your personal online banking identifiers.


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