New functionalities for MyTax

Part of: Tax reforms

MyTax replaced Corporation Tax Online in November 2017. Other new functionalities will also be added to MyTax. As of November, use MyTax to:

  • file an income tax return of a corporation or joint administration
  • apply for prepayments or a change to prepayments for a corporation
  • order a statement of tax debts
  • ask for a payment arrangement (at present, only available in MyTax for self-assessed taxes, corporate income tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax)
  • submit a claim for adjustment relating to corporate income taxes and self-assessed taxes
  • apply for a preliminary ruling on income tax, self-assessed taxes and gift tax
  • apply for written guidance concerning value-added tax
  • apply for an exemption for deducting losses

Many services were already available in MyTax

MyTax could already earlier be used to declare self-assessed taxes (such as value-added tax and employer contributions) and gift tax. The service can also be used to pay taxes, reply to enquiries and provide bank account details, for example.

The MyTax login procedure is the same as for current services:

  • Corporate customers log in using their Katso ID.
  • Individuals and self-employed persons log in using their online banking details.

As of November 2017, tax-specific reference numbers must be used when paying taxes. Use of tax-specific references ensures that payments are linked to the correct tax type. Read more about the reference numbers.

You can familiarise yourself with MyTax, for example, through the instructional videos available on YouTube.

A Q&A section on MyTax can be found in the Answer Bank.


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