Individual taxpayer and MyTax

Tax Administration’s e-Services are incorporated into MyTax in a series of different stages. Starting November 2018, tax cards can be requested in MyTax. Starting spring 2019, pre-completed tax returns can be corrected and revised in MyTax.

Many services for individuals are available already:

  • You can submit bank account numbers in MyTax
  • take care of gift tax filing and paying
  • ask for a payment arrangement for gift tax and inheritance tax, and
  • ask for a tax debt certificate to be prepared.

From November 2018, MyTax will also offer:

  • Features for revising existing tax cards, for requesting new or additional prepayments
  • Displays of various assessment decisions (for example, to find out the exact amounts of a refund or of an outstanding tax)
  • Online tax correspondence, including claims for adjustment and information requests, and
  • Online payment service

In 2019:

  • MyTax will be available for individuals for making corrections and adding more information to tax returns



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