Income tax returns to be filed online

Part of: Tax reforms

Starting in November, corporations and joint administrations will need to file their income tax returns online.

Filing tax returns and other notifications online has been mandatory for self-assessed taxes – such as value-added tax and employer contributions – since the beginning of 2017. A total of 80% of corporations already file their income tax returns online. Although e-filing becomes mandatory, we still mail all decisions to taxpayers on paper.

To file their tax returns online, corporations need Katso IDs until November 2018. From then on, the e-services can be used with Katso IDs and authorisations. Alternatively, corporations can authorise their accountant to file online on their behalf.

Taxpayers registered for tonnage tax must file their income tax return online, but the e-filing option is still unavailable for tonnage tax returns.

Income tax returns to be filed via MyTax

MyTax replaced Corporation Tax Online in November 2017.

Other options include or commercial TYVI reporting services, as before. Corporations and joint administrations, which have filed their tax returns on paper before 1 November 2017, will not need to file again.

Paper returns only accepted in special circumstances

Tax returns can only be filed on paper in special circumstances, such as if a technical fault makes filing online impossible. No special permission is needed in such cases, and the reason for filing on paper does not need to be notified in advance.

Corporations that file their tax returns on paper may be asked for the reason in connection with subsequent tax controls.

Previous declarations still available from Corporation Tax Online

The data held in Corporation Tax Online will remain available in read-only format until 2 May 2018 after the discontinuation of the service at the end of October.

Corporations can therefore copy their previous years’ tax returns and other declarations from Corporation Tax Online until 2 May 2018. Not all of this information will be migrated to MyTax.


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