Changes to Katso authorisations for MyTax

Businesses and corporations use Katso IDs to log into MyTax. Changes were made to Katso user roles and authorisations when the MyTax service replaced the Corporation Tax Online service in November 2017.

 A single organisation may have multiple Katso user roles. At present, in addition to the Master user role, the Katso roles for MyTax include Parallel Master user, Company MyTax, Filer of self-assessed taxes and VAT payments.

A varying range of user rights have been assigned to the roles. The Master user role, for example, provides access to all functions and information in the MyTax service. Other roles have restricted access to the functions, or restricted viewing rights to the information.

Changes were made to Katso roles when MyTax replaced Corporation Tax Online in November 2017. One of the changes includes introducing the Corporation Tax Online service's Filer of income tax returns role in MyTax. This role is for filing corporate income tax returns, viewing information relating to tax returns and other notifications, responding to requests for information regarding income tax returns, submitting an application for tax prepayments, and viewing the current amount of tax prepayment. The role does not include access to payment or financial information.

The changes also increase the amount of information published in MyTax. Information published in MyTax includes items such as letters concerning requests for preliminary ruling and claims for adjustment. It is recommended that companies regularly check the authorisations granted to their employees to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing company data. Changes to Katso authorisations are made via the Katso Identification System.