We adopt a more customer-oriented approach

The Finnish Tax Administration’s operating environment and the activities and needs of our customers are often changing as a result of new business models and ways of working. We need to keep up with this change and make our activities more customer-driven to secure the accrual of tax revenue for society, also in the future.

Our strategic goals

Securing tax revenue, fair taxation and a positive customer experience are our strategic goals. Customer-orientation is a principle that intersects with our activities. We want to provide our customers with solutions that meet their demands and make their activities easier so that taxation is as hassle-free as possible. We have fulfilled our goals through such undertakings as the “Customer solutions, products and operating methods” project.

In June 2020, we decided to reform our guidance. We wanted to steer our activities from an organisation-driven to a more customer-driven direction. This reform was based on customers, products and taxation. We have three goals for customer-driven activities: improved customer experience, lowered customer demand and secured tax revenue. Customer-driven activities require us to thoroughly understand our customers and their needs, and to use this data in our activities, guidance and development so as to make our customers’ activities easier and to secure tax revenue.

In terms of organisation, this reform decision meant that we decided to dissolve the Taxpayer Services, Individual Taxation, Development and IT Services, Tax Collection and Corporate Taxation Units, and to distribute their functions to three new units to be established at the beginning of 2021. From now on, the Taxation Unit will bring all taxation activities together and ensure the effectiveness, reliability and integrity of taxation. The Customer Relations Unit will ensure that we provide different customer groups with customer solutions that meet their demands – solutions that make tax services so easy that the need for services is minimised or even eliminated altogether. The Product Management Unit will be responsible for ensuring that we have effective customer-driven products that meet the needs of taxation and customer accounts.

In addition to the customer-driven approach, our daily activities are affected by the operating model that supports reform and self-guidance, and makes data- and goal-based management part of our day-to-day work. The shared operating model helps us to work driven by goals and supported by data, and to guide our activities while being able to continuously improve our activities. Roughly half of all Tax Administration employees are already working in line with the shared operating model. It will expand to all parts of the Tax Administration by 2022.