Tax revenue

Our net tax revenue totalled €70,360 million. The tax revenue of the Tax Administration does not include the VAT collected by Finnish Customs and the taxes levied by Traficom.

Customer volumes

We handle the following customer services:

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Customer service channels

The number of customers using the Tax Administration’s online services continued to grow in 2019. site visits have increased and, for instance, we solved 314,000 tax questions on our chat service (previous year 290,000). Chat was opened in April 2015.


Number of revised tax cards

More than 70% of the revised tax cards were filed on MyTax. MyTax provides you with an electronic tax card – it’s quick and convenient.

Percentage of pre-completed tax returns returned 2010-2019

Finns took the digital tax plunge in 2019 – as many as 81% of those who added information to their tax returns did so via MyTax. The use of the e-service grew by a whopping 20 percentage points compared with the previous year.

Social media

In 2019, the Tax Administration’s social media audience grew by more than 25,000 new followers. This represented growth of 55%. The channel that saw the greatest growth was Instagram, +96 %.

Number of staff at the Tax Administration

The number of staff in 2019 totalled 4,997 person-years. Compared to the year before, this means a slight decrease.


Trend in Tax Administration staff’s average age

The average age of Tax Administration staff was 47.3 years. It has decreased year by year since 2013.

Job satisfaction index at the Tax Administration

The overall index for job satisfaction continued to rise and was now 3.64.



Performance guidance agreements and the budget adopted by the Parliament play a key role in the central government’s performance guidance. The most important monitoring documents include the annual accounts and, in particular, the associated management report, as well as the relevant ministry’s position on the annual accounts and management report. For planning and monitoring data related to performance guidance, visit the website Verohallinnon tulosohjausasiakirjat (in Finnish only).