You still have time to submit your income tax return – Live Chat operates to 10 pm

Tax Administration Bulletin, 5/4/2018

The deadline date for submittal is either May 8, 2018 or May 15, 2018. There's still time to send us a corrected pre-completed tax return. The quickest way to do it is on-line.

Look up your personal deadline date on the first page of the pre-completed return that you received by letter. The e-service will be available until midnight on that date.

Do these five things

Check the entries on the pre-completed return.  Don't send it back to us unless you find errors and omissions.  You should check all the entries even if you are receiving a refund.

Fill in any missing amounts. For example, add your travel/commuting expenses if they are missing; if you received some rental income last year you must enter it; and if you paid a deductible household expense you should add it in order to get credit for it.

Send us the corrections electronically. Go to to enter your corrections and additions. The e-service guides you as you progress. You can repeat your filing as many times as you need: the e-service is available until midnight on the date of your personal deadline for filing.

Do not enclose paper receipts, original documents etc. even if you opt for filing your tax return on paper. If it turns out to be necessary, the Tax Administration will ask you to provide the documentation at a later stage. If you need to enclose some information, fill out an official enclosure form, published by the Tax Administration. Do not enclose other papers.

Ask for advice in chat. If you need any online support, our chat in will be open until 10.00 pm on weeknights, starting 2 May and continuing to 15 May.  

Remember to check your real estate information, too

If you own real estate, you can check your property’s records and make corrections to them in (övero). The last date to do so is printed on the form we sent you by letter.

The due dates are 3 September 2018 and 15 October 2018.

Back taxes and refunds

For back taxes, the first payment is due 3 December 2018, and a possible second payment – 1 February 2019.

If, instead, you are getting a tax refund, the date when we transfer it to your bank account is 11 December 2018.  To let us know your bank account number, complete the form in MyTax.