Tax returns are coming – you can start making changes online

Tax Administration Bulletin, 3/27/2018

In April you will receive a precompleted tax return. Check the information and make changes, if necessary, online. If there is no need for changes, you need not return the tax return to us.

The simplest way of filing changes is via the Tax Return on the Web service. The filing deadline is either 8 May or 15 May. The deadline that applies to you is indicated on the front page of your tax return.

The online service guides you from step to step

Go to return to check and complete your tax return. Log into Tax Return on the Web by entering your online banking codes. Instructions for making changes or additions are shown on the screen as you proceed. Last year nearly 60 percent of the changes made to tax returns were filed online.

Please note that when you file your tax return online, you need not return the paper-format tax return or enclosure forms at all. In the online service, you can add and change details multiple times up until the final deadline. When you have submitted your tax return successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement. You can also print out the information you have filed.

Check especially the travel expenses, tax credit for domestic expenses and rental income

The most common additions made to tax returns concern travel expenses, tax credit for domestic expenses and rental income. In paper-format tax returns, the most frequent mistake people make in entering their travel expenses is that they give the means of transport but not the expense amount. Tax Return on the Web guides the taxpayer to enter all information in the right form.

If you file a tax return on paper, please do not enclose any receipts, vouchers or original documents. The Tax Administration will ask you for them, if necessary. However, please do not forget to compelete separate forms on rental income and on tax credit for domestic expenses.

Chat assistance available up until 10 pm

Our live chat will assist you in completing the tax return on business days from 9 am to 4.15 pm at From 2 to 15 May, i.e. a period around the deadline dates, the chat is available up until 10 pm.

Pay your back taxes by e-invoice

If you change any details in your tax return, we will send you a revised tax assessment decision and potential bank transfer forms by post by the end of October. If you do no make any changes, the original decision and forms are final.

The due dates for back taxes are 3 December 2018 and 1 February 2019. If you pay your back taxes easily by e-invoice or direct payment, you can be sure not to miss the due date. You can make an e-invoice agreement in your online bank whenever you like. Tax refunds will be credited to taxpayers’ bank accounts at the beginning of December.

Help for making a tax return

  • There is plenty of information about tax returns available online at
  • Our Answer Bank and Chat help you in your tax matters. Between 2 and 15 May, the chat service is available up until 10 pm.
  • Launch the demo ( and test the service in advance.
  • Telephone assistance is available on business days from 9 am to 4.15 pm on 029 497 050.