Logging in to MyTax via Suomi.fi in November

Tax Administration Bulletin, 5/28/2018

Starting November 2018, the Finnish Tax Administration will implement the e-authorisations of the Suomi.fi website. This will affect users' login and identification routines. Only one authorisation is going to be valid in MyTax: managing tax matters.

Both individual and corporate taxpayers can use it: giving the managing tax matters authorisation to someone (to a person or to another corporate entity) allows the latter to take care of your taxes.

You can log in to Suomi.fi to grant authorisations to others already now (go to e-Authorisations). However, the people or corporate entities that you authorise cannot use their authorisations until they come into effect in November.

Anyone acting on behalf of a self-employed businessperson, of a farm taxpayer or of a forestry taxpayer must start using a Suomi.fi authorisation

After October, the agents can no longer use the Katso IDs and passwords that have contained Katso authorisations for these taxpayers. If you are an agent and a self-employed individual is your client, you must ask him or her to give you a Suomi.fi authorisation well in advance. If you are an accountant or if you run an accounting firm, you can send an electronic message (via e-Authorisations) to your client in order to ask them to grant you the authorisation you need.

After your client has authorised you to work with their taxes, you can log in to MyTax with your own bank security codes or with your mobile ID or certificate card and start using MyTax on your client’s behalf. Authorisations come into effect as soon as both parties have accepted them. As an authorised agent, you have access to all the authorising party’s taxes in MyTax, business as well as private.

This means that you have access to all the tax information that concers your client. You can see, edit and submit tax information not only for the client company or business, but also on behalf of the private individual who granted the electronic authorisation to you.

However, if someone who is self-employed or a farm or forestry taxpayer manages his or her taxes in MyTax independently, with no agent or representative, there’s no need to ask for an e-Authorisation in Suomi.fi. Login with the individual’s own bank codes or mobile ID will work as before.

Corporate and business taxpayers can keep using Katso identification

Login to MyTax will work as before with the Katso ID and password in the case of limited-liability companies, housing companies, limited partnerships and general partnerships. However, we recommend that all users start using Suomi.fi authorisations soon. Towards the end of 2019, Katso authorizations will no longer be available.

Even before that, the usefulness of Katso roles will be shrinking because after 1 November 2018, MyTax can no longer be accessed with the following Katso roles: Company’s income tax returns and Filer of self-assessed taxes.  At present, these roles are assigned to approximately one percent of all users. 

Only the following Katso roles continue to be in service:

  • Company’s Master User
  • Company’s Parallel Master User
  • Company MyTax

Note: Until further notice, Suomi.fi authorisations are not available to the following legal entity forms: consortium, estate of a deceased person, joint benefit administration, foundation, association, foreign entity, and public body; this means that those who act as agents of these entities cannot move on to Suomi.fi and must continue to login to MyTax with a Katso ID and password.

Official roles listed in the Trade Register can access MyTax without authorisation

You will be able to manage the taxes of the company you represent and access its MyTax automatically if you have one of the following official roles in the Trade Register or the Business Information System:

  • Managing Director
  • Chairman of the Board
  • individual authorised to sign for the company
  • authorised signatory
  • Building Manager
  • partner
  • liquidator

The people whose role is one of the above also have the authority to have the company’s bank account number saved in MyTax, and to change the account number entry in MyTax.

If you have one of the following official roles, you can grant authorisations on behalf of the company you represent:

  • Managing Director
  • individual authorised to sign for the company
  • who has been granted the right to do so by the Managing Director or by an individual authorised to sign for the organisation

Private individuals granting authorisations to another person or to a company

As an individual taxpayer, you can give the managing tax matters authorisation to someone (to a person or to another corporate entity) in order to take care of your taxes. When you have granted the managing tax matters to an authorisee, they can use MyTax for various purposes on your behalf, including corrections and additions to your personal pre-completed tax return.

In other words, after the authorisation is granted, the party authorised as your agent can access all your tax facts and information. The agent can see, edit and submit the authorising party’s information, and has the right to receive tax correspondence etc.

Managing the taxes of an underaged child

If you have an underaged child, you will automatically be authorised to take care of their taxes in MyTax as of November 2018. The e-authorisation service checks the Population Information System to see if you have a guardian’s right.