Finnish Tax Administration offers technical assistance to Tanzania Revenue Authority

Tax Administration Bulletin, 8/30/2018

The three-year project starts in autumn

The Finnish Tax Administration (Vero) and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) have agreed on a joint development cooperation project that starts in August 2018 and extends until 2021. The technical assistance offered by Vero, aims to increase tax compliance in Tanzania. Several experts from Vero will participate in the project by training the TRA staff in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in areas of compliance, internal auditing, taxpayer services and communication. The project is an ICI-project funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The project contributes to Finland’s Tax and Development Action Programme, which roots back to the Addis Tax Initiative. Within the Addis Tax Initiative, Finland has committed to double its support to tax development in developing countries by 2020.

- It brings me joy that the cooperation partner is Tanzania, who has a proven commitment to increasing the national resources through taxation. I am happy to see that we can further improve our cooperation with our long-standing and historically most important partner through development cooperation, says Pekka Hukka, Finland's Ambassador in Tanzania.

TRA has commenced the implementation of the 5th Corporate Plan (CP5) for the period 2017/18 - 2021/22. The CP5 covers all the major areas and functions of a modern tax authority. The joint project of Vero and TRA aims to strengthen the institutional capacity in TRA to implement the CP5.

- We believe we can support that development through Vero's expertise and experience, says Eira Karppinen, the International Director of Vero.

The Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI) funds the participation of Finnish government agencies and public bodies in development cooperation. The objective of the projects is to strengthen the skills and knowledge of state actors, such as ministries and government agencies, in developing countries. The Tanzanian cooperation is Vero's first ICI project.

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