Tax cards for 2018 become effective in February

Tax Administration Bulletin, 12/14/2017

Tax Card Online is now available at for revisions of 2018 cards. Our Live Chat is ready to give you assistance if necessary. If you order a new 2018 tax card this way, it becomes effective 1 January 2018 already. You can also contact us by phone or visit a tax office to ask for a revised 2018 tax card.

We send the tax cards for next year to everyone older than 15 by post. Deliveries are completed by mid-January. The cards come into force on 1 February 2018 — your 2017 card continues to be valid through 31 January 2018.  However, your income limit will again be zero after New Year, and the calculation of income is re-started.

Are you applying for a new tax card?

You need to give the following information:

  • income you have received this year, such as wages
  • taxes you have paid on your wages and other income
  • benefits you have received and taxes you have paid on them, such as
    • unemployment relief
    • sickness allowance
    • maternity, paternity or parental allowance
    • other benefit
  • income details for the rest of the year, by income type
  • tax credit you have received, such as deductions of commuting expenses.

You can view the details in your pay slip or in payments made by Kela or trade unions.

About our services on the Web

The tax cards that we send automatically to some 4.8 million taxpayers are usually ready for use and do not require changes. It is nevertheless a good idea to check the income and deductions that your withholding rate is based on.

At, you find a lot of information about how to get a new tax card. Launch the Withholding Calculator to check whether your current withholding rate is correct. To perform a test without actually contacting the tax office to get a new card, start the Demo version at