MyTax has replaced Tax Account Online

Tax Administration Bulletin, 1/3/2017

The new e-service MyTax has replaced Tax Account Online. Matters relating to self-assessed taxes are from now on managed in MyTax. In the next few years, all Tax Administration e-services will be gathered into the new service.

In MyTax, you can at the moment

  • file self-assessed tax returns (for e.g. VAT or employer's contributions)
  • file gift tax returns
  • submit bank account numbers.

For self-assessed taxes and gift tax you can also

  • read tax decisions
  • respond to information requests
  • check details for making a payment or pay directly online.

Authentication for the e-service has not changed. Individuals and the self-employed use online banking codes for logging in, while companies use a Katso ID. Katso authorizations also remain unchanged: The same Katso authorizations you had in Tax Account Online remain in force in MyTax.

Returns are corrected by submitting a replacement return

If a return needs to be corrected later, this is done by filing a new replacement return, instead of the additional return that was previously in use.

The Tax Account reference number is no longer in use

The general due date for self-assessed taxes is still the 12th of each month. The Tax Account reference number is no longer in use. As of 2017, self-assessed taxes are paid with the reference number for self-assessed taxes.

The old Tax Account reference number will work for the time being, and payments are allocated correctly. However, we recommend that you start using the new reference number for self-assessed taxes as soon as possible. It is available in MyTax.

You can read statements in Tax Account Online until June

You can view and print old statements and returns that have been sent via Tax Account Online up until June 2017. The statements are not transferred to MyTax.

The summary displays the tax period’s transactions

The summary displayed in MyTax includes details on the tax period’s transactions and information on any missing returns, payment reminders and decisions on late-filing penalties. The summary is created on the last day of the month, and can at your request also be sent to your home by post.

A small number of taxpayers have incomplete balance and payment details

For a small number of corporate taxpayers, the balance and payment details displayed in MyTax are incomplete. In these cases, MyTax indicates that balance details are not available. The situation will be fixed as soon as possible and it does not require contact with the Tax Administration. Corrections that have been made show in the account details as a technical correction, which will not have any consequences for the taxpayer.

Aiming at extensive e-services

Over time MyTax will replace the majority of the current Tax Administration e-services. Next matters relating to corporate income taxation will be transferred to MyTax.