File your VAT return electronically by 13 April

Tax Administration Bulletin, 3/3/2017

Tax returns must be filed online for tax periods that begin 1 January 2017 or later. You can file your VAT return and other self-assessed taxes in the Tax Administration's MyTax e-service, for example. The next due date for self-assessed taxes is 13 April 2017.

MyTax ( has replaced Tax Account Online in January. Other ways to file returns electronically include direct transmission of data from your business accounting system, and the Tax Administration's, through which you can send data files from the accounting software to us.

To use the paper tax return is only allowed for a special reason. For example, if e-filing cannot be used due to technical difficulties, you are allowed to send us your tax return on paper.

Alternatively, you can call the service numbers 029 497 014 or 029 497 008 to ask for a form if you cannot print out the Self-assessed tax return.

You don't have to ask for permission for paper filing, and there is no need for you to inform the Tax Administration of your reason for paper filing in advance. Instead, we may enquire the reasons later, in connection with our tax control activities. However, the Tax Administration has adopted a flexible approach.

The due date for paper filing is the same as that for electronic filing, i.e. the general due date of self-assessed taxes (the 12th day of the month).