E-services work only partly until 12 January

Tax Administration Bulletin, 1/3/2017

Due to the implementation of a new information system, the Tax Administration e-services are still working only partly. 

In this  you can see how the e-services are open.

Details that have been submitted in the e-services between 28 December and 2 January will be processed in order of arrival, starting 3 January. Some of the e-services will be moved to MyTax after the service break. 

These services work only partly

  • You can search information in the Tax Debt Register as of 12 January. 
  • In the e-service you can have a tax debt certificate dated 12 January, at the earliest. However, before this you can already order the certificate by phone. N.B. Tax debt certificates are not issued retroactively for the days of the service break. This means that a certificate for e.g. 31 December cannot be issued.
  • There is delay in the payment of refunds. Refunds will be paid starting 12 January. 
  • If you started working as a new foreign employee on a construction site at the turn of the year without a tax number, please get one straight away. 

More to note at the turn of the year

  •  3 January 2017, you can file and pay self-assessed taxes in MyTax.  MyTax is replacing Tax Account Online as the e-service for filing VAT and other self-assessed taxes. Read more (in Finnish): MyTax replacing Tax Account Online.
  • There have been a number of changes in payment, refunding and recovery of self-assessed taxes. For example, the Tax Account statement is replaced by a summary. The Tax Account reference is also changed to a reference number for self-assessed taxes. Read more (in Finnish): Changes to payments, refunds and recovery.
  • The tax.fi guidance has been updated due to the legislative changes that came into force on 1 January 2017. For instance, the new Guidance for filing and paying self-assessed taxes has been published instead of the guidance for the tax account and the periodic tax return.
  • Administrative responsibility for car tax and excise duties is transferred from the Customs to the Tax Administration as of 2017. Car Tax Online is open.