Corporations, other VAT taxpayers to submit bank account numbers online

Tax Administration Bulletin, 1/26/2017

Starting 1 February, taxpayers must use the MyTax e-service when submitting their bank account details. Paper filing is not allowed unless there is a special reason for it. For example, technical difficulties may constitute such a reason.

The Finnish Parliament adopted a new Act in December 2016 that requires electronic filing of corporate taxpayers, joint administrations of a benefit, and other VAT-registered taxpayers, when they submit their bank account numbers to the Tax Administration.

The obligation to comply with this requirement is in force as of 1 February 2017. Among the objectives of the new rules are promotion of electronic government services, and prevention of VAT refund abuse.

Changed bank account numbers are submitted in MyTax 

If a corporate taxpayer or other VAT taxpayer has a new or changed bank account number, it must inform the Tax Administration of it in MyTax (  Limited companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, consortia, associations, foundations, estates etc. must login to MyTax with Katso User IDs and passwords. You need master user privileges for submitting the bank account number. A Katso ID can be registered at In addition to Katso master users, users having the Company MyTax role can also submit bank account numbers. 

The self-employed and other individual payers ofVAT must use personal e-banking codes, a Katso ID and password or a microchip identity card for logging in to MyTax.

Paper filing is only allowed for a special reason

For corporate taxpayers and for all VAT-registered taxpayers, paper filing is not allowed unless there is a special reason for it. Examples of such a special reason include a situation where online filing of a notice is not possible due to technical difficulties. 

We recommend electronic filing of bank details to all taxpayers. It offers faster service than paper filing. However, private individuals not registered for VAT may continue to submit their bank account number on paper.

Note: Paper forms are always in use if the bank account number is submitted for purposes of car tax or excise duty.