Tax Administration’s telephone numbers change 25 April 2016

Tax Administration Bulletin, 4/18/2016

The change affects the switchboard number, service numbers, fax machine numbers and the business phone numbers of clerks. Check the new numbers as of 25 April at

At the end of April 2016, the Tax Administration in line with other public bodies switches to new business phone numbers that start with the digits 029:

  • Switchboard: The nationwide swithchboard numbers change to 029 512 000 (Finnish) and 029 512 001 (Swedish).
  • Telephone Service: Old numbers starting with 020 69 change to numbers starting with 029 49.
  • Fax numbers: Old fax numbers change totally and there will be fewer of them. The new numbers start with 029 512.
  • Business phone numbers: Clerks' personal business phone numbers starting with 020 61 change to numbers starting with 029 51. Their current mobile phone numbers remain unchanged.

The numbers will be updated on our website as well as in Tax Administration documents and publications from 24 April 2016 onwards. Documents sent to customers before that, such as pre-completed tax returns, still show the old numbers. There will be a transition period when all calls to old phone numbers are automatically routed to our new numbers.

The changes do not affect customer call rates.