Number of tax cards made online steadily growing

Tax Administration Bulletin, 2/15/2016

A record number of tax payers again visited the Tax Card Online service in January, amounting to more than 60 per cent of the people who revised their tax card.  However, the tax card that was automatically sent to homes was correct as it was for more people than before.

Fewer revised tax cards have been made in comparison to the previous year. Nonetheless, during January, the busiest time of the year, hundreds of thousands of people revise their tax card. In January, about 400,000 tax card revisions were made.

You can ask for a revised card at any time during the year. The Tax Administration does, however, encourage you to make non-urgent changes at a later stage.

- Small changes in your salary, for instance, often do not have much impact on the tax rate. For some tax payers the real need for revisions is not clear until autumn, for example, Senior Adviser Kaj Hoffren advises.

Make changes in Tax Card Online

The Tax Administration phone service is very busy early in the year, which is why it is wise to make changes online.

- Online, you can manage your tax affairs when it’s convenient for you, since the service is open 24/7. The same questions about changes in your tax card are asked online, as when you visit a tax office. Usually you can also print out the tax card straight away, so you can use it immediately, says Hoffren.

Ask for advice in the chat

The chat in the Tax Card Online service is a good place to ask for advice. The service agents offer real time help for using the service and for making changes in your tax card. To date, about 45,000 customers have received help with ordering a tax card in the chat.

In the public answer bank, you can also look for an answer to a question you have.  The Answer Bank has gathered questions and answers about the topic Tax Card 2016. If you cannot find an answer in the previously asked questions, you can submit your own question.

Tax card checklist

  1. Make sure your employer has your withholding details.

If the employer has asked the Tax Administration for the withholding details electronically, the employee does not need to submit a tax card to the employer. The employer will tell you if a paper tax card is needed.

However, a revised tax card must always be sent or presented to the employer. It is advisable to take the card to your employer well in advance of your next payday.

  1. Check whether your tax card needs revisions

The tax cards automatically sent to some 4.6 million taxpayers are usually ready for use and do not require changes. It is nevertheless good to check the income and deductions that the tax rate is based on.

The tax card also shows your individual tax number.  The tax number is needed for a picture ID if you work on a construction site.

The Tax percentage calculator allows you to check whether your current tax rate is correct.

  1. Make any changes online

Have you had changes in your income or other circumstances? This may mean that the card you receive by post does not suit your situation. It is quick and easy to get a new tax card by visiting

You can either print out the revised card yourself or ask to have it mailed to you – either to your home address or to your employer's address. Self-printed tax cards are ready for use.

  1. Chat with the tax authority or try the Answer Bank

The chat serves customers weekdays between 9am and 4.15pm. The chat is a quick and easy way to get an answer to a question. On, you can see the chat icon on the pages where the chat is in use. Search existing answers or ask a question of your own in the Answer Bank.