New features of the Katso Identification system

Tax Administration Bulletin, 4/21/2016

In spring 2016, organisations relying on Katso Identification may use the new Manage Authorizations window for simpler searches, cancellations and copying of Katso authorizations from one employee to another. 

Users have long since asked for a more easy-to-use functionality for authorization management.It is typical for many service provider organisations, including accounting firms and management companies of real estate property, that their employees get authorizations for a large number of clients. The newly introduced features make their work easier. 

Manage Authorizations not only lets you search and cancel the employees' authorizations but also transfer entire sets of them with the new copying feature. This feature is useful if one of the employees is going on leave, and a co-worker will handle their duties and in other, similar situations. With the new feature, the authorizations may be copied from one employee to another. This only requires a single command. 

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