Estonian construction workers get tax numbers in Tallinn

Tax Administration Bulletin, 2/11/2016

The Finnish and Estonian tax administrations have initiated a trial collaboration for issuing tax numbers. In Tallinn, tax numbers are given out by Finnish tax clerks.

At the Tallinn tax office, tax numbers are on a trial basis issued to construction workers coming to Finland. The aim of the trial is to facilitate the issuing of tax numbers and to make the process as customer friendly as possible. If workers get a tax number before they come to Finland, they can begin work sooner.

- The tax administrations have collaborated before. Now, we decided to test how collaboration can improve customer service. We hope that the trial can help us to also find potential long term models for collaborating in customer service, says Director-General Pekka Ruuhonen.

In the public tax number register, you can based on a construction worker's first and last name and their tax number check whether their details are entered into the register. Estonians are the single largest group of foreigners working in the Finnish construction sector. Currently, the number of Estonians entered into the tax number register is 42,499.