No transmission of information from the Business Information System to the Tax Administration 15.12.2015–4.1.2016

Tax Administration Bulletin, 11/25/2015

For Tax Administration information, there is a service break in the Business Information System during the period 15.12.2015–4.1.2016. Information on start-up notifications and notifications on amendment or termination of business is not transmitted to the Tax Administration during the break.

Be sure to file notifications well ahead of time if you know that you will need to report changes in your company's details before the end of 2015.

Business ID's available during the break

A new company can receive a Business ID during the service break, but its details are not transmitted to the Tax Administration. This means that the company cannot be entered into the VAT register, the prepayment register or the register of employers.

Notifications received during the service break will be processed in order of arrival starting 4 January 2016.The reason for the service break is the Tax Administration’s implementation of a new software package at the start of 2016. Information will be updated as usual to the Trade Register and the Register of Foundations maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.