New Business Information System website will be published on 17 November 2015

Tax Administration Bulletin, 11/12/2015

The Finnish Tax Administration and the PRH are revamping the Business Information System website to make the services and information easier to find, the service functions easier to use, and the layout clearer. We also have a new logo.

Company search placed on the front page

It will be easy to access the most popular services on the new website – you can use the company search on the front page to retrieve basic details of companies and organizations, or check if they have registered with the Prepayment Register or have tax debt. Our company search handles almost 20 million searches each year.

Instructions for each type of business and organization

You can access the notifications sections from the front page to file start-up notifications or notifications of changes or termination of business. You can also use the free online filing service (in Finnish or in Swedish) to file changes of address or contact details of any type of business.

Welcome to our new website on 17 November!