Supplementary prepayment - individual taxpayer (5116e)

The current supplementary prepayments will be abolished. You can pay supplementary prepayments according to the current practice up until 31 October 2018. After that, they will be replaced by additional prepayments. Read more about additional prepayments.

Bank slip designed for making supplementary payments of withholding tax; individual taxpayers or shareholders of a tax consortium. Instructions for file saving are included with the forms.

Note that foreign decedents' estates may not pay supplementary prepayments as an individual taxpayer. Instead, they must apply for an additional prepayment for corporations and joint administrations. Apply for additional prepayment via MyTax ( If a foreign decedent's estate does not have a Katso ID, which is required to log in, it can apply for additional prepayments using the tax prepayment form for corporations (form 5017).